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Our mission: to see pupils happy

We know and have close personal contact with around 200 boarding schools in England, Scotland and Wales. You can count on us to find the right one for your child.

Please call us on 0049-89-3840540 or send us an email to info@glasmacher.de to find out more or to start the application process. Our detailed initial consultation (online or in person) is always free of charge.

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About us

We have been advising parents and students on choosing the right boarding school and language course in the UK for 25 years.

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Boarding schools

Our contacts are our capital. We only work with boarding schools that we know ourselves, find good and can explicitly recommend.

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Language courses

Learn English during the holidays and get a taste of British boarding school life. We can help you choose the right language course for your child.

Boarding schools

We advise you comprehensively

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Is your child keen to go abroad during their school-time and to get to know a foreign country, new people and a different culture? Would you like to give your child a special experience, a good academic education, a varied sports and activities programme and the opportunity to discover new skills and interests? Then you have chosen the right address, because English boarding schools offer all of this.

We consult and support you and your child from the decision to venture abroad, to choosing the right school and length of stay, as well as up on their return to the German school system.

About us


British General Election and VAT on School Fees

A new parliament will be elected in Britain on July 4. The possible changes in the balance of power in favor of the Labour Party could have an impact on the financial situation of British boarding schools. Independent schools in Britain, whether boarding or day schools, currently enjoy a VAT exemption as they are recognised as charities. This exemption has a long tradition dating back to the 19th century.

In the current election campaign, this tax exemption for independent schools is once again playing a significant role in the Labour Party's campaign programme. Although it is unclear whether and when changes will actually be implemented if the Labour Party wins the election, many independent schools - including our boarding schools - are preparing for the possible introduction of 20% VAT (Value Added Tax) on school fees as a precautionary measure. They will be able to reclaim part of this through deduction of VAT paid to third parties, and offset significant amounts through new revenue streams (summer courses, vacation lettings). Many schools have also been able to reduce their operating costs through energy-efficient renovations in recent years.

It is currently assumed that the schools will have to pass on about 8-12% of the additional costs from the introduction of VAT to the families. All schools are of course very keen to find a fair and balanced solution and minimise the financial impact on families. Many experts assume that the introduction of VAT on school fees will drag on legally, as Labour currently has no intention of introducing VAT on university tuition fees.

The current situation therefore is still very unclear. As soon as any concrete decisions are published, we will of course inform our families immediately.


Rugby School: low-tech solution for a modern problem

Gareth Parker-Jones, Head of Rugby School, supports the thesis of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book ‘The Anxious Generation’ that excessive safety concerns by parents and the frequent use of smartphones give children a restricted and unhappier childhood. Haidt, who is known for his research on moral psychology and social issues, argues that children are growing up in an over-regulated environment and are being deprived of formative experiences.

At Rugby School, as at most British boarding schools, access to smartphones is deliberately restricted to allow pupils to have a healthier development and happier childhood. According to Parker-Jones, these measures are showing positive results: Pupils and parents often welcome the relief from social media exposure. The headteacher sees the school as a pioneer in this area and emphasises the importance of providing opportunities and activities away from screens. You can read the full article here.

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Company brochure

Our guide to English boarding schools

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We invite you to join us in taking a closer look at schools in Great Britain. In our (German only) company brochure, we present a selection of highly respected British boarding schools, some of which we have been working with for over 25 years. Here you will get an impression of what schools can do: Inspire curiosity and a love of learning, build on strengths and develop weaknesses; enable pupils to feel part of a community; create memories.

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