All the information you need

Our Family Portal

In addition to our personal counselling and support, you can also access our family portal to start your child's application as a family. With your personal login data, you can view the current status of your application there at any time. Furthermore, you will find a wealth of further information in our family portal:

  • Information on your boarding schools
  • Details on subjects and recognition issues
  • Tips on practical topics such as health insurance, pocket money, school uniform, etc.
  • An A - Z of British Boarding School Life

Arrived safely and ready to go!

We are still here for you

As soon as your child has moved into the boarding house, made new friends and navigated the start of lessons at the new school uniform, you are sure to breathe a sigh of relief. The British experience can now begin!

But our service continues: we are here for you during your child's entire stay in the United Kingdom.


We can answer your questions on:

  • Changing a subject
  • Extending or shortening the stay
  • Getting the qualifications obtained in England regognized by German and European universities 
  • Retaking an exam

We will inform you about:

  • When to cancel (give notice) of the school place
  • Changes in the recognition guidelines
  • Applying to German universities with A-Levels and the IB Diploma
  • Any changes in travel regulations, if applicable (e.g. visa)

We offer support regarding other topics such as:

  • Suitable tutoring / revision courses
  • Talent analyses or worldwide university application
  • Planning a Gap Year