Language courses

If children want a first taste of what boarding school life feels like without committing to a longer stay straight off, then a summer or language course at a British boarding school is the best place to start. Such courses give schoolchildren not just the opportunity to learn English but to get to know the country and its people, meet other students from other parts of the world, enjoy joint excursions as well as pursue their favourite sports.

Most courses comprise 15-20 hours of lessons in small groups of between 8 to 12 pupils. (More intensive courses can be offered.) Outside the classroom the many extra-curricular and recreational activities ensure there’s a good combination of “work hard, play hard”.  

This is an example of a typical week on a summer course:

Such a course will probably whet your son’s or daughter’s appetite for more and is the perfect precursor to a longer stay abroad.

By the way: we also have contacts to good summer courses in France, Spain or Switzerland.