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We are excited and inspired by all that a stay in Great Britain and our British partner schools can offer. We would like to share this enthusiasm with you and your child. We have over 25 years of experience in finding boarding schools, know over 200 English schools personally, and are always in close contact with our families, students and local contacts.

We know that not every school is the right fit for every child, but there is exactly the right school for every child. And once this has been found, the time spent at an English boarding school can be one of the most wonderful experiences of one's youth and school years.

Trust us, we will be happy to prove it to you!

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Our initial consultation is always free of charge. The aim of our first meeting is to get to know you and your child, his/her wishes and interests, and to find out which boarding school would be a good fit.

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Based on our experience, we can suggest the right schools for your child in terms of academic, sporting and creative activities, as well as according to your wishes regarding the geographical location, school size, ethos and values of the school.

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Continued Support

Our service does not end after the successful placement at a school. We continue to support you, whether it be on the subject of visas, travel or school uniforms. We remain at your side to help you with any questions during your child's entire stay


Family business since 1996

The company was founded in December 1996 by Barbara Glasmacher, who at the time was considered a pioneer in the field of boarding school consultancy for the UK. Mrs Glasmacher senior stepped down from her active role as managing director of the company in 2021, but remains closely associated with the company as an advisor.

Theresa Glasmacher knows British boarding school life from her own school days at Sevenoaks School in the late 1980s. She has been active in the company since 2006. After many years of leading the small business together with her mother, she is now the sole managing director.


We are happy to be there for you

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Elke Böck

For many years Elke Böck worked internationally in various branches of industry until she met Barbara Glasmacher who placed the two Böck children at British boarding schools. Developing a passion for this métier herself, Elke Böck joined the company as an independent counsellor over 20 years ago. Apart from consulting and problem-solving Frau Böck’s specialist area is the intricacy of recognition requirements for university study.

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Cora Bredl

Cora Bredl is our „Münchner Kindl“ in the Glasmacher team. She loves the Bavarian way of life with its traditions and the proximity to the mountains. Her studies of American cultural history and communication sciences have brought her closer to the American way of life, but many trips and stays abroad have also led Cora to the United Kingdom. Even as a child, she cycled with her family to London. This, including the series "Miss Marple", laid the foundation for her love of Great Britain.

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Monika Domokos

Of Hungarian origin Monika Domokos usually reserves her “fiery” side for her free time when she is a passionate dancer of the Tango Argentino. Being herself a speaker of six languages and having studied Business with an emphasis on Tourism, who better than she to advise you on the choice of a suitable language course? Her 20-year loyalty to the company speaks for itself.

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Helen Fürnthaler

Helen Fürnthaler was born and grew up in the North of England. After studying Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Cambridge, she came to Germany to teach English at a language school. Now after almost 20 years in Munich and with two children at German schools, Helen is able to combine her knowledge of both systems. She enjoys playing the piano and being in the mountains.

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Theresa Glasmacher

After two wonderful years at Sevenoaks School, which she completed with an IB Diploma, Theresa Glasmacher first did a banking apprenticeship in Munich. She then studied history and politics at the London School of Economics and at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University) in Boston. From 1998 to 2005, Ms Glasmacher worked in the field of environmental and climate protection in Munich and Berlin, where she was also involved in the EU candidacy process of Poland, Hungary and Estonia. In 2006, she returned to Munich to work in the small family business. Theresa Glasmacher is married and the mother of two sons, who have both already spent time at Britisch boarding schools.

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Ursula Hilger

Being a passionate mountain hiker Ursula Hilger doesn’t just reach heights in her free time, she is also the peak of efficiency and organisation in the office. In her role as office manager and Barbara Glasmacher’s PA, which she has held for over 20 years, Frau Hilger is a stable pillar at the heart of the company.

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Maja Kegel

Maja Kegel, who grew up in Croatia and studied German and English in Italy, has found her third home in Munich for many years with her Croatian/Italian background. Already in her teenage years, with her visit to the UWC of the Adriatic in Italy and her IB degree, she experienced how important international exchange and how enriching school visits abroad are. She was able to accompany her two children during their school years and recently also found suitable boarding schools in England for her daughter. Maja Kegel has a passion for communication, organisation and travel and is looking forward to supporting you and your children in the application process and giving you the best possible guidance on this exciting project. In her spare time, Maja Kegel still loves being a mother, playing tennis and attending classical concerts with her son, jogging and reading with her daughter and walking her poodle.

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Barbara Kirchner-Kádár

Barbara Kirchner-Kádár is of Hungarian origin but was educated in the UK, attending Henrietta Barnett School in London before going on to read Law at the University of Cambridge. She moved to Germany in 2000 where she first worked in two law related jobs. She finally discovered her true vocation in the field of education when she went through the process of finding suitable English boarding schools for her two teenage daughters. Barbara lives and works in Munich but regularly travels to Hungary where she advises Hungarian families on British boarding schools. In her free time she likes to stand at the sidelines of cold football pitches to watch her son play - but she also loves yoga!

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Kirsten Kornweibel

Originally from Hamburg, Kirsten Kornweibel spent several years in Chile with her two young children. As such, she has had valuable, personal, first-hand experience of dealing with children’s schooling abroad. In 2018 her daughter had the wonderful opportunity to studie at a UK boarding school for one year. Kirsten studied Business, speaks several languages and has a good eye for detail. Even after 24 years of experience in this line of work she still takes great pleasure in making every effort to keep each and every customer satisfied. Apart from travel her great passions are outdoor sports and mountain hiking.

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Patricia Maier

Patricia Maier speaks perfect English, albeit with American accent! Despite her love of owls she is always fully awake and alert during her daytime work. She is mostly responsible for communicating with our numerous partner schools, ensuring they receive new student details and we always have their most up-to-date information at our fingertips.

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Victoria Muntendorf

Having spent many years working in education herself, Victoria joined us in 2020 and works from Berlin. She spent two years as a Sixth Form student at a boarding school in Kent, and is excited that soon her second of four children will become a Sixth Form boarding student herself. When not busy with the family or the office, Victoria spends most of her time with her horses who are always a welcome distraction from the bustling daily routine.

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Karin Ostler

Karin comes from Munich, but spent time abroad in English- and Spanish-speaking countries during and after her studies in business administration with a focus on tourism. This has taught her how valuable and important time in a foreign country can be for young people. Karin is a mother of two herself and is happy to support you and your children in the application process. In addition to her great hobby of travelling, she enjoys skiing and mountain biking in her free time and regularly goes running in the park.

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Carolina Schweitzer

Carolina Schweitzer brings true multicultural flair with her: born in Buenos Aires, and raised in England, Carolina spent five years at Wycombe Abbey where she completed her A-Levels. She has lived in various parts of Germany and Vienna for the past 30 years. Her excellent experience with Barbara Glasmacher, who helped place both her children in the Sixth Form at Charterhouse, kindled her desire to become an educational consultant herself. Her extensive knowledge of both the German and British school systems are invaluable assets. Carolina lives in Bonn and consults parents and their children in Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf and surrounding area.

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Nathalie von Stackelberg

Nathalie joined our team in the summer of 2022 and is happy to be returning to work after intensive family time as a career changer. Originally in tourism and later in event management, Nathalie has about 20 years of professional experience in project management and organisation. She once turned her hobby of traveling into her profession. Now she is looking forward to the English boarding schools project and to her two children soon gaining their experience there.

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Andrea Stichtmann

It is more Andrea Stichtmann’s sunny personality than her blonde hair and love of Italy which brings her warmth to our office. After school she spent many years working internationally in some of the world’s top hotels. A high level of service-orientation is hence second nature to her. Herself a mother, she has a great deal of empathy for parents, whatever their needs or fears. Clients and colleagues alike benefit from her longstanding experience at the Glasmacher office (over 20 years) which means she knows the ropes inside out.

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Annette Wagner

Annette Wagner has been a member of the team since 2002. Mrs Glasmacher still remembers well how impressed she was that Ancient Greek was one of Annette's Abitur (A-level) subjects. Being such an experienced employee, she is well-versed in all aspects of the application process. The precision she shows in her work is a welcome asset. Since the birth of her son she manages to combine with full commitment her obligations as employee and mother. Choir singing and a love of nature help her keep a sound work-life balance.

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Jackie Williams

Jackie Williams is one of our three native speakers who brings with her a typical British sense of humour. Having attended Badminton School for many years, where her interest in foreign languages, choral singing and debating was kindled, she knows precisely what boarding life involves. She has worked in this line of business for almost 20 years, over a decade here at Glasmachers. In her free time she keeps her imaginative mind active by slipping into various roles as she practises improvisation theatre as well as through creative writing.

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Bonny and Balu

Bonny and Balu are part of the Glasmacher family as well and like to spend lazy hours under one of the desks in the office.

"I'm extremely happy to have had this experience in England because I was also able to learn a lot about myself and found out who I am"

Johanna, 15 years old

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We can offer you a comprehensive service. But, of course, we cannot cover everything. That's why we have been working for years in a trusting relationship with many partners, all of whom we know well and can recommend, whether it's tutoring, university advice and career counselling, or assistance with a visa application. You will find a list of our partners here:

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