When is the right time to go abroad?

“I was only planning to stay at Cobham Hall for 2 terms but after just six weeks I knew I wanted to stay on.”
Johanna, in Cobham Hall since Year 8.  

The right time to go abroad is a very individual decision. Your child's personality plays a large part here (is he or she ready for it?) and also whether the school at home grants a leave abroad during the regular school career.

The most common points to enter the British school system are at 13+ (Year 9 entry), 14+ (Year 10 entry) and 16+ (Sixth Form) - but there are always exceptions to this rule! Most students join in September of any school year, but mid-year entries are also possible.

The length of stay at a British boarding school depends on what you are hoping to get out of the stay and, of course, your budget. Anything from a term (3 months) to one, two or more years to include a school leaving certificate (IB or A-levels) is possible.

Parents, be warned: some pupils plan to stay a term but end up wanting to stay two years!

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