Pupil testimonials

Girls and boys who are either attending or have attended a British school report here on their experience. They report openly on how insecure they felt at the start, how they adjusted to the new school system and what benefit they ultimately gained from the experience, both on a personal and academic level: their feelings of success, making international friends and the positive feeling of having broken new boundaries off their own bat. 


(Completed her IB Diploma in Charterhouse)

“The first step was the hardest, but I’ve never regretted having taken it. Having lessons in English and adjusting to the school day at Charterhouse were both a huge challenge for me. But with the support of the teachers and my fellow pupils I soon settled in. The whole atmosphere of the school, from the high quality of teaching to the social aspect of boarding school life, didn’t just influence my academic performance but equally my personal development. What I found particularly good was the emphasis that was laid on the balance between academic focus and extra-curricular activities including extensive sports opportunities while also leaving time for social contacts.”


(Spent a year at St. Leonards School)

“I thought that the move to St. Leonards School and the adjustment to a completely new way of life as a boarder would have been a lot harder because my English wasn’t terribly good. These worries were soon swept away since not only the houseparents and teaching staff but also the existing boarders were always prepared to help us new pupils. The strong sense of community, responsible behaviour and adherence to school rules are all important components of boarding school life at St. Leonards. You need a good deal of commitment to get to grips with this sort of school life. The teachers expect much more of their pupils than they did at my former school. But because the classes are a lot smaller than in Germany and teaching staff can devote time to each individual student, the learning environment is very good.“


(Completed his IB Diploma at Haileybury)

“Moving to Haileybury was in my case exactly the right decision at the right time. I just couldn’t imagine spending another two years at my Bavarian school. Leaving after 10th grade to join the IB programme of a renowned English college was an ambitious step and one which was an academic challenge. Life inside Haileybury is what you’d expect of it from its historic architectural exterior: order and discipline, openness und breadth. Notwithstanding the traditional values that are lived at the College its spirit is at once visionary, pragmatic, and down-to-earth: Practical work in England and abroad, international trips, individual university and careers advice, investment club, art and music, philosophy course and top-class sports training are ideal conditions for a young person’s personal development and furthering of interests. The proximity to London – nice to have! Characteristic: a good mix of English and international pupils, awareness of being a part of an élite educational system. There is an emphasis on teamwork and responsibility, without ambitiousness and the will to succeed, competition and discipline standing in contrast to that. Haileybury has brought out the best in me: as a scholar, a sportsman, and as a person.“


(Spent time at King Edward’s School, Witley)

“After a brief phase of homesickness I soon settled down and found friends. Because of everyone’s kindness the school made my start there easy. The language wasn’t an issue because everyone was mindful of us being new students and we were always given any help we needed. All in all I’m glad that I grasped this opportunity to go to England. Initially I only planned to stay a year, but then I extended my stay to complete my IB at King Edward's.” 


(Spent five years at Cobham Hall)

“I was only planning to stay at Cobham Hall for two terms but after just six weeks I knew I wanted to stay on. Now I’ve been at Cobham four years. The teachers here are a lot more understanding, we pupils are important to them. Classes are small and we are streamed and taught according to ability in every subject. So it is interesting, demanding and there is more scope for varied teaching. I soon found friends from all over the world, there is always something going on and no-one is excluded. If I had to make a decision again, I’d certainly choose Cobham.“