How do I apply?

This, very briefly, is how the application process works:

Application form
To gain a first impression of your child, please fill in and send this short application form to us (by post or e-mail) together with the other supporting papers we need (e.g. the two latest reports, the pupil’s self-description, photo). The application form can be filled out online, please click here.

Student profile and personal consultation
Once we’ve received the application paperwork we get in touch with you. Wherever possible we’ll arrange a personal consultation either in our Munich office or invite you to one of our equally personalized information days in another major German city. The consultation aims to answer your most important questions with regard to the best start-date, length of stay, subjects, recognition, re-entry to the current school or school system and what costs to expect. 

School recommendations and introduction to schools
We then draw up a list of schools which we feel are suitable for your child and provide you with the names and web addresses of the schools for you to gain an initial impression of them. At the same time we contact the schools sending them the application details and our own assessment of your child based on the consultation, while also highlighting any specific wishes you or your child may have. At this point our administrative fee of € 238.00 incl. VAT is chargeable regardless of whether a placement ultimately comes about.

Invitation to interview & coordination of visits to schools
Once the schools have reviewed your child’s application and their own place availability your child will be invited to have an interview. Depending on the boarding school and your own availability you will either visit schools in person or an interview can in some cases be conducted by phone or Skype. In our experience visits to schools are worthwhile and help you and your child to make the correct choice of which school feels right for him or her. We coordinate the appointments at schools (incl. meetings with head teachers, teaching/boarding staff and pupils) and provide you with a detailed travel agenda that includes accommodation recommendations. 

Testing and place offers
Depending on the school of your choice your child might be offered a place directly after interview or entrance tests may first be required. Most British schools allow these to be sat under exam conditions back home, either at the pupil’s current school or a notary/lawyer’s office.

Please note: Many schools don’t have set application deadlines so that you can often gain a place at a reputable school late in the day. However, if you do have a particular boarding school in mind we recommend you start the application process a good year in advance. Bear in mind that most schools will want a balanced mix of international pupils and hence limit their intake of any one nationality.

Therefore, we recommend starting the application process early.