Gap semester or year in England after school?

Finished school but missed the opportunity to go abroad while at school? Too young to study at university? There are a variety of courses for young adults (from 17), who have finished their schooling and wish to improve their knowledge of English at a college in England.



There is a broad range of courses to cater to all needs: a few weeks intensive English; English courses over a few months, if required combined with other academic subjects; or even a full academic year for a so-called „Foundation Course“ to improve both language and specific study skills. A gap period between school and university – very common among UK students  is the ideal way to give young people the opportunity to develop both as an individual and academically. 'Travel broadens the mind' is more than simply a cliché.

Here are a few examples of courses for young adults and foundation pathways:

  • General English for Everyday Use (from two weeks to a full academic year*)
  • English for Examinations (from two weeks to a full academic year*) to prepare intensively for IELTS, CAF, TOEFL or similar English language exams
  • Foundation Courses (only for a full academic year*) for the pathways: Business, Engineering, International Relations and Law. There are also courses for students targeting creative areas of study like Art, Design (also Textiles), Film or Music.

(* September to June)

These courses take place in small classes (max. 12 students) in private colleges in well-known, vibrant university cities like Cambridge, Oxford or London. Accommodation is in single or twin rooms in supervised student residences or, depending on age or if preferred, in host families.

The application process for courses of a few months or more duration is the same as the one for boarding schools. Click here for more details.