Boarding Schools

The reasons for wanting to attend a British boarding school vary from pupil to pupil:

  • Most schoolchildren simply want to improve their English and have the experience of a stay abroad.
  • Some don’t feel challenged in their current school and are seeking a school that can stretch them more academically.
  • And others are not well suited to the school system they find themselves in and urgently need fresh motivation.

But certainly almost every pupil who applies to attend a British school knows someone who’s attended a school abroad and gives glowing reports of this experience. Click here to find out more about the right time to go abroad. 

So, your child is ready to take this step abroad! Then you’ll want him or her to be rewarded for being so daring. You’ll want him or her to have a thoroughly positive experience in an environment where he or she is well cared for, taught to become more independent, as well as being stretched and inspired.

Each child is, however, an individual such that there is no single boarding school which is suited to everyone. While the aims and the scope of what schools offer is broadly comparable, each boarding school nonetheless has its own character, has its own specialist areas, has its own clientele: it is basically as individual as your child is. We know where the differences, however minimal or concealed, lie.

When Barbara Glasmacher Internationale Schulberatungs GmbH was founded in 1996, we cooperated with 30 partner schools. Nowadays we work with over 200 British boarding schools. But don’t be misled into thinking that quantity is more important to us than quality: we only co-operate with schools we know, ones which we consider worthy and which we can recommend to clients with a clear conscience.