Our Webinar Series 4 Schools - 1 Topic

In our monthly webinar series in 2021 we invited representatives of four schools to talk about one topic that is related to some aspect of the daily life in British boarding schools. 

In case you would like to watch a recording of any of these webinars, please send an email to Victoria Muntendorf (victoria.muntendorf (at) glasmacher.de), or call her on tel.: ++49–89–38 40 54–23.


Previous Events

  • Webinar VII Packing up and Settling in: How to Prepare for your Start at Boarding School (19.06.2021)

The start of term in September is fast approaching and the excitement is mounting! What an adventure: new school, new country, new culture, new language and of course… all those new faces! All our pupils find themselves in exactly the same situation and rest assured, most settle into boarding life in Britain within a few days or weeks. This is in no small part due to the excellent preparation for new starters provided by the schools, supported of course by their families. That includes help with administrative hurdles and packing lists, as well as making sure that children feel emotionally ready to take this big step. Our schools have vast experience and can be trusted to fully support their pupils through every situation that may arise, both upon arrival and during those exciting first days and weeks. We are very much looking forward to discussing this theme in detail with our guests from four schools at our next webinar!
Our guests were:

  • Mr Guy Ayling, Headmaster, Mount Kelly
  • Mrs Isabelle McCredie, Head of Boarding, Embley
  • Mr Douglas Robb, Headmaster, Gresham’s School
  • Mrs Amandine Smilevich, Head of Boarding, Sidcot School 

  • Webinar VI: Covid-19: Prospects for School Life in September  (15.05.2021)

Since March 2021, normal school lessons have largely been taking place again in England. Thanks to well-thought-out and organised hygiene and protection measures, full attendance classes without divided classes and alternating classes are once again taking place. With the current experiences, the British boarding schools are optimistic about the coming school year. Our four guests reported on their current school life and gave their assessment for the new school year 2021/22:
Our guests were:
Mr Simon Dorman, Headmaster, Monmouth School for Boys, Wales
Mrs Judith Fremont-Barnes, Head, Milton Abbey School, England
Mr Julian Johnson-Munday, Headmaster, Culford School, England
Mrs Sabine Richards, Director of Admissions, Gordonstoun, Schottland

  • Webinar V: Teaching and Learning: the Secrets of Success at British Boarding Schools (24.04.2021)

The Webinar looked on how English schools succeed in combining the teaching of knowledge and learning for life as a matter of course and that the overall personal development of their pupils is always at the centre. We discussed how good teachers are found and what educational research knows about good learning and how this knowledge is incorporated into the schools' strategies.

Our guests were:
Mrs Sylvia Brett, Principal, Harrogate Ladies' College
Mr Guy Emmett, Headmaster, Scarborough College
Mrs Simone Lorenz-Weir, Teacher of German, Oakham School
Mrs Georgina Stafford, Academic Head of College, Ardingly College

  • Webinar IV: Sports, Arts, Music and More at British Boarding Schools (20.03.2021)

This webinar focused on the wide range of sports, arts and leisure activities that make the British boarding school experience so memorable. Our guests explained the difference between Major Sports, Minor Sports and Sport as Activity and why not everyone who chooses to stay at a British boarding school has to be a sports enthusiast and can still enjoy sports! They discussed in which subjects or after-school clubs creative, artistic or music-interested pupils are particularly encouraged or how boarding schools succeed in recognising and encouraging previously only dormant talents.

Our guests were:
Mr Julian Noad, Headmaster, Oswestry School
Mrs Louise North, Principal, Framlingham College
Mr Stuart Oliver, Director of Sport, Sedbergh School
Mr. Chris Townsend, Headmaster, Felsted School

  • Webinar III: Brexit - What will change for EU boarders? (on 20.02.2021)

How will Brexit impact the lives of boarding students from EU countries who are in Britain for a short or long term stay? Are visas required? Are there changes in how the pupils are insured or how their British exams are recognised at home? We discussed these and other questions in our third webinar in the series with representatives from four boarding schools. 

Our guests were:
Mrs Lesley Brookes, Bursar, Bromsgrove School
Mr James Hills, Head of Admissions, Clifton College   
Mrs Michele Metcalfe, 
Registrar, Haileybury
Mr Richard Notman, Headmaster, Stover School


  • Webinar II: The Role of Houseparents at British Boarding Schools (on 16.01.2021)

What exactly are the responsibilities of a Housemaster and what skills and personality should he have to fulfil this role? How does a Housemistress manage to create a "home away from home" for my daughter? We discussed these and other questions at our second webinar on 16.01.2021 with handpicked Housemasters and Housemitresses from our boarding schools. Our guests were:

Mrs Catherine Shearer, Deputy Head (Pastoral), St. Edmund's School and former Housemistress at King's School, Canterbury
Mrs Andrea Izzard, Housemistress, St. Lawrence College 
Mr Tony Jackson, Headmaster of Barnard Castle School and former Housemaster at Radley College
Mr Peter Klinkenberg, Housemaster Westlake House und Registrar, Blundell's School 


  • Webinar I: Daily Life in British Boarding Schools (on 12.12.2020)

How has the daily routine in British boarding schools changed under Covid-19? How have the schools implemented their detailed plans to protect pupils and staff in their school community? And how is daily life in lessons, sports and extra-curricular activities affected? We discussed this and more on 12.12.2020 with the following guests: 

Mrs Lindsey Bryant, Deputy Head Pastoral, Queen Anne’s School
Mr Simon Hill, Deputy Head, Christ College Brecon
Mr Henry Price, Headmaster, Oakham School
Mrs Arabella Stuart, Head of Admissions, Sevenoaks School
Dr Frank Birkel, current parent of a Y13 student at Haileybury